Saturday, 7 September 2019

NEWS|| Nicky Minaj Announces Retirement.

Nicky Minaj Announces Riterment.

Nicki Minaj made headlines last night after declaring that she was retiring to start a family with boo Kenneth Petty. 
And while fans were taken by surprise, the tea is that her team were too!
Details below…
According to TMZ, few were more shocked by Onika’s announcement than those in her inner circle.
See, sources say she’d been in the studio hard at work on new music and had even lined up a number of collaborations with artists.
What’s more, she still has studio sessions booked (and seemingly going ahead) in the coming weeks.
So the internal feeling (or, at least, the hope) amongst her team is that the “retirement” is more a break than anything else.
As for the possible motivations for the sudden decision to bow out from the spotlight, the report claims it may be linked to the online trolls supposedly fuelling the “Nicki Hate Train” with fallacies about her writing, popularity, and controversial relationship with Petty.
Whatever the case, we’re struggling to believe it’s the last the masses have heard from Ms. Minaj. If anything, it’s a wise play to regroup and re-build the anticipation for her product.

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