Friday, 14 December 2018


From our source thatgrapejuice,Kim Kardashian seems to threaten Drake...
As she uses her platform to campaign for the release of the sex trafficking victim Cyntoia BrownKim Kardashian has issued a warning to her Drake after her husband, Kanye West, accused him of threatening to harm him.

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Drake is yet to respond.
The ‘What If I Kissed You‘ performer has been feuding with his former mentor for years and revealed that he believes West used their brotherhood to prise information out of him.
Information, he believes was handed to his nemesis Pusha T.
Pusha denies this and claims said gossip actually came from a woman who is seeing Drake’s producer Noah Shebib.
Still, the spat rages on and has taken a turn for the worst now that West believes the Champagne Papi may be out to harm him physically.

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