Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Omawumi has final broke the silence of her absence in the world of music,with the release of her new single she featured the Fly Boy Inc Act KISS DANIEL.

Omawumi is showing herself back to form in this urban street-style sound of music that is magically riffed with chords from an electric bass guitar and mashed tones of the smooth-singing Boy Kiss Daniel.
This tone brings ashocking excitement as “Me Ke” is a sonorous blend of singing that was perhaps never thought of or imagined. With the kind of presence that Omawumi commands with her mezzo soprano vocals, ideally,KISS DANIELvoice should be relegated to the background, but no! He’s loud, clear and stunting with that award-winning vocal swag to complement Ms Megbele’s high notes.
You see, sounds like this justify the reason why the Boy Kiss should have even left his former music label earlier than he already did. Because now, there’s impressing evidence as to the incredible genius in his talent versatility. Omawumi on the hand remains untouchable as she stays seated high in her strata of class, as a composer, singer and performer.

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