Monday, 29 January 2018

Olamide 'Science Student' has been declared unfit for broadcast by the NBC

Despite all effort put in place by the 'Science student ”teacher Olamide trying to tell his fans thag his song does not promote drug abuse. The NBC
has finally declared his song 'unfit for broadcast'
This announcement was revealed by Nigerian Tribune reporting that NBC has issued a Not-To-Be-Broadcast (NTTB) warning to all local stations in the country.
According to this report, the Head of Public Affairs, Hajia Maimuna Jihada confirmed this development, where she stated that while the song has not been banned because NBC does not ban music, the song has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast’ hence cannot be played by any local station for the public else they face sanction.
“NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide’s Science Student has been declared ‘Unfit for broadcast’,”
“We have communicated all our licensees for compliance or they will face sanctions.”
Is this the end of Olamide’s Science Student because apparently, all the defensive social media posts the singer posted did not save the song, unlike WO which got almost same reaction from consumers and government bodies but survived against all the odds.
What do you guys think? Should Science Student really be taken off the Nigerian airwave?
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