Thursday, 11 January 2018

Is The Position Of A President Meant For The Youth? Reflect on KING SAUL AND KING DAVID IN THE BIBLE.

   Can a young Nigerian/youth Bring A Positive Change To The Country Or Will He Give Our Beloved Country As A Gift To His Wife/Girlfriend.Lol!
THE RUSH TO BE INDEPENDENT. In the days of the
Israelite,there was no king before king Saul emerged,just like a young boy desiring to leave his father's house to gain independence when he is not yet capable to stand with both of is legs,the Israelite opted for a king and the result they had was bad after getting the king. Many of our past leaders led us when they where young and which in my own opinion it was there wrong leadership that landed us were we are today. I know there is a difference between then and now,which ofcourse we the younger once can do the trick by taking Nigeria to greater hieghts. In summary,am of an opinion to say "We Need God". Only God can give us a good leader,whether Old or young.
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